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Having a better gender balance in our workforce is a key priority, as we seek to rebalance our employee base for the benefit of us all

we recognise that the energy sector and our business has traditionally had a gender imbalance – and still does. this is something that we have been working to address over a number of years and we have made some progress, but we also continue to focus on it. 


we set ourselves a goal for female representation back in 2011 – 25% women group leaders and 30% women senior level leaders by 2020.  we’re not there yet, but we have made progress towards achieving this. 


to support our progress, we continue to implement a number of initiatives to attract and retain more female employees. internally we have implemented our ‘rules of the road’ principles, a set of minimum standards for recruitment and selection which ensure that all candidate shortlists for first level management roles and above have, as a minimum, one female candidate, and that all interview panels should consist of at least one female interviewer. 


we also provide unconscious bias training for all employees to help them understand their biases and how biases can influence behaviour in recruitment. the aim of these and other such initiatives is to ensure that our internal approach to talent attraction is as inclusive as possible. 


our women’s international network (win) is the bp employee network that focuses on supporting female employees at bp, to ensure career development and progression.  externally we have several initiatives and partnerships, which aim to dispel misconceptions about careers in our industry and at bp.


we work with a broad range of external partners including ,  ,  in the uk and the  in the us.








The Times Top 50 Employers for Women is the UK

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