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Communications and external affairs

Our reputation is one of our biggest assets – and we believe that our future is linked to our reputation. That’s why what we say about our business is so important
One minute it’s a press story on our upstream developments. The next, it’s agreeing a public engagement strategy in the US. There are important external and internal audiences – our customers, suppliers, employees, host governments, neighbours and communities in which we work.

We use multiple channels from videos, magazines and social media to corporate reports, speeches and events. But what unites all the communication teams across our organization is the need to build relationships that support BP’s business priorities and values. And, when the business covers six continents, our activities include exploration, refining and marketing, transportation and trading, and safety is our number one priority, our communications and relationships with stakeholders have to be as powerful and effective as possible.


You could be:

  • Running an internal communications project.
  • In one of our regions talking to media and community organizations about our local commitments.
  • Editing our global intranet site or employee magazine, or managing our global employee recognition event.


Whatever you do, one thing is certain: BP has to reach audiences at locations everywhere in the world. Our communications and external affairs teams are skilled at managing multiple channels and relationships, covering issues that are complex and vital to the world’s future.

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