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Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

In a business that has made safety the number one priority, help us set the standards for our industry
BP makes the safety and reliability of all of its operations our top priority. With roles ranging from environmental managers to health advisors, find out where you fit in to our exceptional team.

虾聊红包扫雷from offshore drilling platforms, to newly-discovered terrain and inner-city business complexes, high-calibre professionals in health, safety, security and environment assess every possible risk to our people.


虾聊红包扫雷we learn through the challenges we constantly face and explore new ways to improve our design, technology and processes.


By focusing on developing engineering and control systems that reduce hazards and support compliance, capability and performance, we look to ensure all our people are safe and secure in the environment they work in.


We make health and safety our overriding priority. Can we rely on you to implement it?

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