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Our long-term investment means a rewarding future for you
We’ve partnered with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization to create a consortium dedicated to dramatically increasing the amount of oil that the Rumaila field produces. The goal is to increase production to well over 2 million barrels a day – and to do so safely, reliably and efficiently. 98% of oil revenues will go directly to the government and people of Iraq.

Meet our people

An overview of the Rumalia JV
Safety: The Rumalia Way
BP for Kirkuk
An overview of the Rumalia JV
Safety: The Rumalia Way
BP for Kirkuk

虾聊红包扫雷in 2009, we signed a 20-year contract to deliver technical assistance to the consortium, so we need new technical experts and managers to deliver that contract. as we expand our operations in the rumaila field, we’re committed to recruiting more talented, capable and adaptable people. it’s a fantastic opportunity for you, and will present many opportunities to grow long term with our team.


beyond this current project, there are still 20 billion barrels of oil to recover from rumaila and countless other oil reserves across the country. we believe this will be the start of a long term relationship with the people of iraq. it will lead to continued recruitment of more people, from many different backgrounds, all working together to tackle the challenges presented by rumaila.

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