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Recruitment fraud

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated fraud involving the offer of fictitious job opportunities

虾聊红包扫雷this kind of fraud is normally done through unsolicited emails, online recruitment services such as linkedin, bogus websites and even text messages claiming to be from bp. the aim of the fraud is to obtain personal information or money.


Warning signs


there are a number of things you need to watch out for.


虾聊红包扫雷bp will never adopt any of the below practices: 

  • Request money (e.g. for ‘visa fees’, taxes, a percentage of travel expenses).
  • Request personal information such as passport and bank account details, often at an early stage.
  • Send emails from free web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail or
  • Use mobile (cell) phone numbers, rather than office numbers.
  • Make substantial spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Insist on urgency from the outset.
  • Use poorly formatted documentation.
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