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Key minerals for the changing energy system

Cobalt and lithium production rose by 13.9% and 17.6% respectively, both well in excess of their 10-year average growth rates
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Cobalt prices (thousands of $ per tonne*)                      
Cobalt prices (thousands of $ per tonne)

cobalt prices (thousands of $ per tonne)

* 2000-2012 spot grade for cathodes, source US Geological Survey. 2013-2018 minimum purity 99.8%, source London Metal Exchange.
Lithium carbonate prices (thousands of $ per tonne†)
Lithium carbonate prices (thousands of $ per tonne†)
†2000-2008 unit value, data series 140, source US Geological Survey. 2009-2018 FOB South America, source Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.
Cobalt prices rose 30% to their highest levels since 208 while lithium carbonate prices increased by 21% to new highs.
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