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Energy with purpose means prioritising people's health and safety
Drilling personnel reading a safety observation card

Why it matters

safety is a core value and creating a safe and healthy workplace is our top priority, involving everyone at bp. improving safety also makes us a more efficient business.

What we value

虾聊红包扫雷cause no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

Our approach

we focus on process safety, personal safety, health and wellbeing, and security.


  • We understand that even the best processes can have weaknesses that may lead to accidents, so we take steps to design these out.
  • We focus on preventing incidents – reacting swiftly and effectively if they happen.
  • We learn from every incident. 
Our safety stories highlight some of BP's environmental and social initiatives from around the world
Collaborating for better safety performance
BP employees by a bus in safety clothing

虾聊红包扫雷our biofuels business has collaborated with bp safety and operational risk experts to build a more effective safety culture.

虾聊红包扫雷as it is across bp, safety is the number one priority for bp biofuels. however, with operations spread across many locations and a large workforce comprising both bp employees and contractors, it’s also a major challenge.

虾聊红包扫雷active collaboration involved the development of more and better targeted safety communications, bespoke commitment workshops to change mindsets, and continuous improvement projects to build personal empowerment. the result is a reduction in biofuels’ rolling recordable injury frequency of 24% between november 2018 and november 2019.

Using maritime robotics to improve safety
Aquatic robots

虾聊红包扫雷a new wave of marine and subsea robots is revolutionizing how we understand our underwater operating environment. these maritime robots, more generally known as unmanned surface vessels and unmanned underwater vehicles, are loaded with sensors and cameras to capture data from the oceans safely and efficiently.

虾聊红包扫雷using these robots rather than a conventional large ship for the same task, could enhance safety by taking crew out of harm’s way.

虾聊红包扫雷the use of unmanned vessels now forms a part of our maritime autonomous systems strategy, which involves evaluating and piloting new robotic technologies.

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